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June 2021 astrology and horoscope

Things are getting a little more intense, but not because of new energy. The Eclipse is when powerful endings and turning points are taking place that is shifting our way forward. The energy of the Solar Eclipse in Gemini on June 10, 2021, will push open the doors to areas on which our lives depend, and everything falls under your sign of the rising sun.

With Mercury retrograde in chatty Gemini, your gatherings tend to turn into plate sessions à la Gossip Girl. The Sun in chatty Gemini illuminates your 3rd house of communication, so expect strong impulses to be talkative and gossipy, as Gemini speeches are rather superficial. If you want to talk a lot, the messengers of the Sun and Mercury will be obstructed, so you will have to expect delayed communication and confusion.

Mercury retrograde ends in two days, and the fog that has gathered in the depressions of your mind over the past three weeks will dissolve. Take your time with Scorpio, as the retrograde step will make it harder for you to stay beyond the 22nd.

As June begins retrograde with Mercury in your 7th house, partnerships will reveal the true dynamic of your built relationships. As Mercury in your 8th house retrograde, and merges resources, you will become more aware of the way your energetic attachments burden and lift you. Your month will begin with Mercury in your 9th house of expansion and adventure.

The problem with this part of the month is that your ruling planet is retrograde on June 22 to Mercury, the messenger. It would be wise to set yourself a strict budget this month as it starts with Mercury retrograde through your second financial house. Mercury's retrograde effect on May 26 will wreak havoc in your financial zone on June 22.

Mercury is retrograde, so try to be aware of the opportunities you are ready to seize, even if it feels impulsive. Work hard to keep your house, prove that you are the rightful owner of your place, and show them how it is done.

The end of June 2021 is a great time for relaxation, self-awareness, and creative air in this sign. Your strongest and most effective intellectual time of the year is when Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, and Pluto strengthen your mental processes. If you want a comfortable, supportive, soul-driven self-sufficiency, Mercury in retrograde, a New Moon, and a Solar Eclipse this month will activate the essence of you. Sources:

According to your monthly horoscope, in June 2021 you will find it easier to get along with people and you will feel sympathetic and generous to friends and close partners. The beginning of the month will be marked by social lightheartedness, as Venus appears in Gemini at the beginning of the season. You also get a mixture of the effects of the eclipse season, Mercury retrograde, Venus in Leo, and, dare I say it, summer whirls full of romance.

The solar eclipse on 10 June falls in your 11th house of friendship and Mercury is retrograde in the same area of your chart. The New Moon after the Solar Eclipse on the 10th will change the country of your inner relationships. The eclipse also occurs on the same day in your work sector, raising the prospect that Mercury will remain retrograde until June 22.

The month starts with Mercury retrograde in your 3rd house of communication, making it difficult to keep up with emails and normal conversations. This regression will ignite your wanderlust at the end of May, and June will prove to be a godsend for your career thanks to your ruling planet blowing through your work zone from 2nd to 27th.

Gemini time and Mercury, the planet ruling Gemini, are retrograde, confusing the cosmos. It is a matter of cosmic chance who will bear the brunt in the end, as Mercury retrograde this month, but it is likely luck for you, dear Aries. On June 22, Mercury will turn directly around and we will begin to get the clarity we need to flesh out and move forward with our plans.

The problem is that Mercury will be retrograde until June 22, so you will have to be patient with its progress. The end of retrograde Mercury coincides with the start of Cancer season when the Sun enters your 11th house of friendship and humanity. Mercury retrograde and the solar eclipse of Gemini on 10 June force us to remain in an uncertain period of incubation for a while longer.

The Sun will move into your first house of self at the solstice, making this your time of self-care and caring for others, so do not feel guilty.

In addition to the notorious effects of retrograde Mercury, the New Moon and Solar Eclipse ignite your auspicious 8th house of debt, intimacy, shared resources, energy exchange, and kinship. Your curious planetary ruler Mercury sits retrograde at the sun node in your ambitious 10th house of authority, the same area of your chart that will dominate this month's Solar Eclipse of New Moon, and scrutinizes the legacy you are building and the profession you aspire to. On June 11, Mars moves into your 9th house, creating a strong motivation to broaden your horizons in every way.

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