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As we all know that this month is going to be a very special month of May. So hold on tight as you all will be surprised to see what is there in store for you. The number 5 vibrations are inevitable this month. Basically, the no.5 represents a simple and perfect human being with a perfect balance of love and harmony as well as the will of the divine.

As we are in the month of May its energy will be felt more intensely this month. Last month was full of unexpected things but finally, we are getting to the root of things and we are ready to face the ultimate truth which will be upon us this month and we all have to abide by God s will. We all need to rise up against the greater odds which we will be facing this month.

We should not rush at anything things will soon come towards you.

We all are in a month of uncertainty and we don't know what's gonna happen next, therefore we need to be aware of all our strengths and weaknesses and work accordingly to our knowledge and best of our abilities.

So in this month, there will be busy energy which will be floating around which we have to get a control on.

Mercury and Venus will cause problems and change in Gemini this month. The Taurus New Moon opens the summer eclipse gateway, showing us how to really bring down the spiritual into material form. The Sun moves into Gemini, along with social planets, Jupiter moving into his traditional ruling sign of Pisces, and Saturn stationing retrograde in Aquarius.

Saggitarius eclipse will restore our own physical strength and power this time. But the Sun, Venus, Mercury, and the North Nodes are closer towards the soul’s promise, our divine truth.

Expectations this month

  1. As mercury is at home expect communication, high rise of energy, critical thinking,curiosity, and social communications as Mercury enters Gemini.

  2. The high rise of energy in our heart and mind as venus enters Gemini.

  3. Energy boosts romantic and social connections.

  4. Venus is very flirtatious in Gemini so expect love talks.

  5. The new moon in Taurus gives you grounded thinking.

  6. You limit yourself by clinging to what you think you know or allowing the mind to override your soul’s blueprint. It’s time to move out of the head and into the power of the body Mercury conjunct the North Node underneath the New Moon, Mars square Chiron, and sextile Uranus, all conversations occurring 11 degrees. We will be forced to confront those deep core wounds and the imbalances in our emotional bodies.Your emotional body needs to be healed from past pain and trauma to fuel your desires from a clearer, higher channel of consciousness for your manifestation to unfold successfully. Transformation requires active change, love, patience, and trust. We charge like the bull when the time is right, patiently waiting for the signal from the Universe

  7. Jupiter will move into the cosmic ocean of Pisces, taking us on a journey beyond our physical boundaries and into the unconditional ocean of cosmic love. Jupiter is the traditional ruler of Pisces before Neptune was discovered. This transit provides us an opportunity to develop our intuition, compassion, wisdom, and emotional support. Jupiter enjoys abundantly expanding in the limitless ocean of Pisces, dissolving all boundaries of physical manifestation and uniting with our soul’s power.

  8. 14 th of May mercury will be retrograde which will bring misfortune, mental and physical ailments as well as arguments between others.

  9. 20 th May Sun enters Gemini which will surely give divine powers to everyone, and clearance in thinking and mind.

  10. 21 st May Sun and Jupiter meet which will create tension among people and individuals. This energy brings up questions surrounding our belief system, community, and value system. In comparison, you may feel extremely confident and ready to take over the world. It is important not to bite off more than you can chew.

  11. May 23 Saturn will be retrograde which will cause work and energy to stop for some time.

  12. 27 th May venus and Neptune meets which will create frustration and mental instability,

  13. 29 th May there will be retrograde mercury 24 degrees which will create bad energies, gossips and problems in life.

  14. 31 Sun will be in a conjunct node and we will complete this month with creativity,energy,prosparity and inner self-fulfillment.

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