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Money lines in our hand

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

Hello friends in this blog you will learn about how much money you will earn in life.This blog will tell you that there are different signs and signals shown in your palm which shows you can be either rich or poor in your life.

This information will be of immense help if you want to earn big in life.

What is money lines ?

Money lines are the straight lines located under the ladies finger extending towards the heart line and also from the ring finger extending over sun mount and entering the heart line. These lines are great indicator of amount of money you will have in your life.

There are 3 types of money lines

Straight money lines

A straight money lines shows that you are very smart at investing and managing your money and you will create your own future and fortune and if your sunline is straight along with that then you will be more wealthy and famous. You are capable of creating your own future which will be bright and successful. These lines must be straight and there should not be any cuts on marks on this line otherwise it may indicate problems.

Curved money lines

A curved or a wavy money lines can be found in hand which may suggest that your wealth may not be stable throughout your life. It may indicate that your wealth may come or go from one place to another in your life. Also there will be lots of problem carrier wise and success may come very late in your life. Success will come very late in your life. If you have a straight sunline along with it, you will get success much earlier. Lots of hard work and dedication is needed for possible success in your future.

Intermittent money lines

Intermittent money lines indicate very bad wealth condition.If someone has got an intermittent money lines then that person will find it very difficult to earn money.

There are possible remedies for all these money line problems which can be rectified by astrological remedies .I will give you remedies and solutions for these problems in life if you require.

A person with a straight money line doesn't need any remedies but other 2 lines needs solutions to the problems.There fore it is highly recommended that those people should consult a certified astrologer to address there problems.

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