Palm reading life line and its significance

Updated: Jun 6, 2020

What is a life line in palmistry ?

A life line is the line which starts from in between place of the thumb and index finger and ends at the edge of the palm after it encircles the thumb area and sometimes reaches the girdle of venus.

Long life line

A long life line suggests a person is somewhat resistant to diseases. It also suggest that human will have a long life span.

Short life line

A short life line suggests that the person will be more susceptible to illness throughout life and that person wont be satisfied in his or her life.

Broken lines

Broken lines in life line is very bad , it may suggest that a person will be more prone to accidents.

Sticks close to thumb

It suggest that the person have a very limited energy in life and is not capable of any hard work.

Double life lines

A double life line means that that person is highly resistant to diseases.That means that person will be highly resistant to any bacterial or viral attacks also.

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