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palmistry sunline and effects

The Palmistry Sunline is also known as The Apollo line. It is considered to be the second line of the line of fate. If you don't already have the fate line, it compensates for it. Location

The Palmistry Sunline begins at the lunar mount and extends to the top of the ring finger.

When it extends beyond the wrist to the headline, it indicates the potential for fame early in life.

When you are in the position that SunLine runs from headline to the heart line, according to the astrologers, it signifies the luck of teenagers and into the late in the '30s.

If the Sunline is visible running across the centerline of the finger and the finger base, the individual will likely be famous from the 40s to the time of death.

People who enjoy literature, art, or art and are writers in this way prove to be fortunate for their lives. They can also enjoy prosperity and wealth without having to work through lottery or inheritance wealth.

In some situations, there are instances where the Sunline does not appear halfway. When this happens, according to palmistry, it is most likely that the person will attain fame during the second part of their life.

Usually, the line of fate is the one responsible for the fortune share in one's life. However, should it not be present in a person, then the Sunline can aid in achieving success and luck.

Variations in Sunline


If there are stars on the Sunline, this will guarantee fame and fortune for those who follow it and even in the afterlife.


If there's any Island located on the Sunline, then the person will be depressed the majority often.


If you happen to see an ax on the Sunline, It is likely to cause problems in your professional life.


A dot on their Sunline means that they live in a community of those who envy their accomplishments.

Different types of Sunline

Too short

People who have a short Sunline are likely to live everyday life.


If there isn't a Sunline, that means there's not any way for a person to attain success even though they put in all their efforts.

Clear line

People with a clear Sunline tend to be drawn to literature and arts, and it is an excellent choice for them.

Narrow line

The reality is that a thin line indicates an unhappy or troubled lifestyle and difficult marriages to cope with. Happily, you'll be able to enjoy the second portion of your life is sure to bring the spotlight on you.

Different types of Sunline that end

The sunline ends in the middle line.

If the Sunline ends at the heart line, the person is thought to be very generous.

Sunline to the headline

The people who have the Sunline that ends at the headline are regarded as knowledgeable.

Sunline ending at fate line

Fortunately, those with the Sunline, which ends on the line of fate, stand good odds of becoming popular regardless of the stage of their life.

The sunline ends at the lifeline.

People who have this kind of line are likely to become famous.

Sunline is divided in a fork at the start or the end

If Sunline splits in the form of an elongated fork at the beginning of the end, the person is expected to live an abundant and happy life.

Gaps on Sunline

If there is a gap within Sunline, then the person has various skills but isn't an expert of every.

Cross on Sunline

In the event of a cross-section on the Sunline, this could lead to an affliction and loss of credibility in your life.

Wavy Sunline

A wavy line on the Sunline suggests that the individual is knowledgeable but not the most fortunate.

Dots of black on the Sunline

The black dots on the Sunline indicates that the person will likely have a bad reputation.

The rectangle that is on the Sunline

People with a rectangle along the Sunline are interested in making money.

The short (or crossline on Sunline

A crossline or a short line shows that an individual is a fickle person.

A precise and personalized prediction that includes the mount's position and the prediction and other factors is only possible with an experienced Astrologer.

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