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The Interpretation of Dreams: A Summary

Updated: Jun 17, 2020


Sometimes when you sleep at night you can find yourself in the middle of the night after a particularly memorable dream. Sometimes you may have been frightened by the same recurring nightmares or some good dreams for weeks, months, or even years. Whatever is going on in your subconscious, use this dream blog will give you a thorough dream interpretation answers.

This dream blog unlocks the psychology behind all symbols that are seen in our dreams. Sometimes it can be true or may not be true, it gives a thorough psychological explanation of what is really going on in our life. This Dream Blog will activate your inner soul so you can access the hidden subconscious mind easily and find out what is really going around there. Using these messages in your dreams you can easily understand what your subconscious mind is telling you which can be of great help and you will be more aware of the things and hardships coming in your way.

In this dream blog, I will be discussing some of the most common dreams and its interpretation.

Dream of Abandonment

The theme of abandonment in dreams is not a rare one. Many dream experts will tell you that the notion of abandonment is a notion associated more with a feeling, than with an actual event. If you are feeling abandoned in your dream, there are several other factors you need to analyze. Who are you feeling abandoned by? Very little of the time are you the one that performs the act of abandonment in your dream. If this symbol does occur where you are the one engaging in the abandonment, the analysis is easier than you might think. Something in your life needs to go and your dream content is telling you this as subtly as possible. Sometimes we feel liberated when we abandon something or “let go”. If you are making acts of abandonment in your dream then look to the other symbols in your dream to help define where and what needs to be abandoned or let go in your life.

If you are feeling abandoned by a person in your dream, the message you need to examine is who do you feel is letting you down right now? Maybe you feel like someone is going to let you go. Or perhaps you just have this all over basic fear and have no reason to justify it. Your dream could be suggesting that you have abandonment issues. If you are in a perfectly content relationship with no boats rocking right now, talk it out with your partner. They may feel they see a light bulb over their heads as this may help them understand you better. When trying to decipher this key dream symbol, examine who else is in your dream, and what other feelings you associate with this symbol, whether they are good or bad. Good abandonment feelings will show you exactly what you need to rid of in your life to experience the freedom and liberation you will feel in your dream during that moment.

Abandonment can be of many types f abandonment of spouse.abundanment of lover and abandonment of a child.

All these abandonment means you have very bad self-esteem, there are concerns of betrayal from close friends. If you see abandonment then it can take a heavy toll on you.

Dreams of snakes

dreams of snakes ,dream interpretetion answers
dreams of snakes ,dream interpretetion answers

Do you have dreams of a snake recently? These usually have both positive and negetive meanings in life. Dreams of snakes can also mean that God is testing your own inner strength and courage in life.

If a snake symbol comes in your dream, it indicates that something very important is happening in your subconscious mind. It can be either dangerous or healing; the snake shows both negative (toxic thoughts, fear, worries, running away from something) and positive (transformation, regeneration, growth or rebirth).


When you look at the snake as an animal, it is a creature that evokes fear and respect rather than peace or love. There are species of snakes that are deadly poisonous or that can strangle you, and there are snakes of different colors and sizes. If they feel threatened, they can give you a bite. It may suggest some positive changes are coming to your life.


Another interesting thing is that the snake has a “phallic” shape (resembling the shape of the male genital), therefore, the snake in dreams can also symbolize sexuality, masculinity, and fertility. It occurs in both males and females.


Last but not least, a snake in your dream can symbolize a person whose behavior resembles a snake; it can be someone who follows you everywhere, constantly keeps thinking about you, or their behavior is very toxic, if not dangerous. It also signifies you are missing your close in your real life.

Dreams of snakes with different types and features may come in your dream which includes

Snakes like cobra or other venomous snakes

 Dreams of snakes like cobra can signify your life has become more venomous. You also need to change your bad habits in life like addiction like cigarettes, alcohol,or other narcotic habits.

White snake

Dreams of white snakes can signify something will be very good in your life. It shows you are in the right track in your life and you don't need to change your path.

Surrounded or strangled by snakes

Dreams of being strangled by snakes may mean that you have to look at your words before speaking with anyone. You have to be very careful while speaking with someone else because your words could backfire you in real life

Dreams of snakes chasing you

Dreams of snakes chasing you may signify you want to run away from all the problems and obstacles in your life. It can also signify fear of maternity and success in life.

Dreams of you killing snakes

Dreams of you killing snakes may signify that you are becoming more stronger . You are becoming more resistant to danger and trouble in real life. You are becoming more powerful in life .

Yellow or light colored snakes

Yellow coloured or light colored snakes may signify you are gearing the unknown in your life.You need to be focused in your present rather than the future.

Dreams of snakes which goes away from you

If you see snakes going away from you it may signify that you are afraid of loosing all valuable things or someone very important in your life.

Dreams of dead snakes in your dream

Seeing a dead snakes in dreams is a blessing in disguise for you as you will be able to overcome all the difficult decision in your life.

Dreams of being snake bitten

Seeing yourself being bitten by snakes can signify you are always in the wrong end of a bad situation.You need to get out of that bad situation in life. Don't necessarily get into a challenging situations in life which can be very bad for you.

In the next part of the blog I will also bring more dream videos.

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