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The Mount of Saturn in Palmistry

The mount of Saturn is located at the root of your middle finger. This area represents introspection, liability, healthful self preservation, study and the search for inner truth. They're able to balance the wish to be alone and the need to share the company of others. Self consciousness, prudence, fidelity, emotional balance and constancy are favored by a medium size mount of Saturn. These individuals exhibit just the right amount of common sense, logic and liability without going overboard and becoming moody and obsessive. A well developed Saturn mount indicates clever, endurablity, keen judgement, and enthusiastic for a deep knowledge.

Even though lofty mount of Saturn is very rare, but the owner could perceive everything very deeply. She or he will also have a mind religious, interested to ascetic life and can become a good meditator. An individual with too much of Saturns influence might become too conservative, rigid, distrustful, and unwilling to bow to others. These individuals are always looking for wisdom and are also very solitary, introspective, introverted, aloof, and thoughtful. In case the mount of Saturn is too small, then the owner might lack a feeling of liability, disorganized, flighty, superficial and a lack of self reflection.

These individuals can commit suicide and may even get into dangerous, wrong, or illegal activities like cheating, bullying, robbery, etc. A missing mount of Saturn is considered better than having a poorly developed one. A pale or yellow mount of Saturn could make the owner very pornography to suicides and melancholy, and this colour of Saturn mount is extremely common. A single vertical line found on this mount is considered auspicious as it means calm and serene through the life. But when two parallel lines seen on this mount then it indicates success accumulated at a later stage in life.

Many lines climbing the mount like a staircase in the direction of Jupiter means a gradual increase in public recognition. This pattern is very rare seen on the Saturn mount, it can only be found on Saturn mount and not on any other support on our palm. Dangerous accidents can happen in life. Too many scattered lines or a grill found on this mount also means bad lucks.

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