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Venus Out Of Bounds - Can We Re-Respect This Planet

Venus Out Of Bounds - So What? Venus can be any old thing that has the potential to show up and shine in your love life. Venus rules Taurus, it shows up in the sky at the start of Venus's quarterly period and it's a reminder of youth and an escape from the rigors of daily life. It is a powerful reminder of how much fun we can have when we're just being ourselves and enjoying the ride.

Venus rules Taurus, and is the symbol for youthful exuberance, and enduring sexual energy. Venus is often conjured as a youthful, smiling face - think about Venus's symbol, the goddess bathing in the flowing water of the river Ganges. Venus is really all about the feeling inside us, and how our attitudes and ideas play off against each other to bring us together as one whole. Venus rules Taurus, and makes an incredibly beautiful pattern in the sky: The Double Standard So what can Venus show up in for people who are in relationships that need some balance to keep things interesting and prevent things from getting stale? Well, first, Venus cannot show up in a square, (ie, relationships in general, including marriage and soul mate relationships) because it will clash with the values of the partners.

There are several elements associated with Venus which are a turn-off for women seeking Venus in Taurus. Venus rules Taurus, and the element of Mercury is another turn-off because it represents intellect, which is a feminine trait. Venus is ruled by the planet Mercury, and by its side effects, the Mercury Declination. When Venus is in a state of presence or manifestation, there is a tendency for it to be in a Taurus/ Venus harmonic cycle. When Venus is in its "inactive" phase (no longer ruling Taurus), and when it is not in a fixed position within the skies, then there will be less of a tendency for Venus to show up within the Taurus/ Venus harmonic pattern.

A major aspect of Venus's role as the planet of healing is that she is a (some might say, very) emotional planet. This is another reason why the Venus "boundaries" will be different between lovers and marriage/partnerships. In a romantic relationship with a person, Venus is in constant movement, so the Venus bounding (also known as the "discovery period") is oftentimes different than the Venus Declination for the relationship.

Venus's position within the sky, will also determine how "out of the box" Venus presents to a given situation. If Venus is (for example) in an aspect of Aries, there is a greater potential for creativity/idea in that area of life. This is a way of saying that Venus has the potential to potentially express/show more than one idea or "thought process". Venus rules the way we think, and this is one way in which our physical world can be defined. This is because each aspect of Venus relates to aspects of the physical plane-its home (the "home ground") as well as our relationship with others ( Venus's "relationship" with them).

For example, in a Taurus/ Venus harmonic, the ruling planet ( Venus) is in a state of constant movement. This means that, depending on how Venus is placed in the sky, different aspects of Venus's aspect could potentially be manifested-such as creativity, emotion, potential, and/or growth. With this said, it is important to note that "out of the bounds of the sun" doesn't necessarily mean "illustrated by the Sun". It just means that Venus's placement in the sky, from our perspective, would allow us to see/sense/hear a creative/emotional/spiritual opportunity (based upon our own perception). In other words, we are in an ideal state to hear/feel/vision something that has been bottled up/hidden away within us/through our relationships with others and by using Venus's aspect in the sky, it is possible for us to see or perceive this creative opportunity.

If someone were to say that Venus is out of bounds because it is in the " Sunset" section of the circle (which happens to be where Venus is at its most visible), that statement would make sense. This is because if Venus were out of the bounds of the Sun, there would be little to see/hear from the outside (from our perspective-where it is rising); therefore, for someone to swim against the tide and take a chance at seeing/hearing what Venus is experiencing/coloring-she would need to see/hear it from the rising of Venus in the " Sunset" section of our solar system. But this is not the case.

Venus is always with venus (and whenever it is at the ascendant/ Rising) and whenever it is placed in the " Sunset" section of the circle (and wherever it represents our planet - Mars - is in the same part of the circle for each of us) then Venus is in a state of dynamic tension/balance. If it were any other planet than Venus this would have very little meaning/value for us - but when Venus is with venus it is as if she/he is "out of our" way of being seen/heard. Venus is always in communication with/about our planet and whatever place/destination Venus is in is where our creative/ inspirational energy/vibration is reaching out to receive from/for Venus. So when someone says " Venus is out of bounds" it is because Venus is/was in a place where it is giving/receiving guidance/signals from /for us/with our own solar system/empire/life/spirit. When someone else says " Venus is in a new position" then it is because Venus has moved to a new position in the rising of Venus or even in the new moon phase.

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